Crazy Fresh Coffee

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What is Crazy Fresh?

That perfect cup of coffee. What does it taste like? A rich, dark-but-not-too-dark flavor of good, quality coffee with a hint of chocolate?  And the beans, they’re fresh — likely a darker roast, not bitter but roasted to perfection — just past the first crack — with a visible shine and an aroma that fills your lungs and makes you say, “ahhhhh.”

From a family-owned coffee company whose roots dates back to Detroit in 1911, meet Crazy Fresh Coffee®. Crazy Fresh is roasted to perfection with care, passion, and dedication.  Our green coffee bean sources are family growers that engage in responsible trade and environmental practices so that coffee harvesters get a fair wage for their efforts.

It is the same, century-old passion for great coffee, combined with a fanatical, crazy obsession for freshness, that allows us to proudly bring you Crazy Fresh Coffee®. We promise that after you try any Crazy Fresh blend, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another brand that hits you like ours.

Crazy Fresh Coffee®

Sip. Slurp. Say “ahhhhhh.”

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  • Crazy Fresh Coffee SHB Guatemalan Coban Estate Blend, 2 lbs. Medium Dark Roast

    Guatemalan Coban Estate Blend (Medium-Dark Roast), 2 lb Bag, Whole Bean


  • Guatemalan SHG EP Full City Roast, 2 lbs

    Guatemalan SHG EP Full City (Medium Roast), 2 lb Bag, Whole Bean


  • Crazy Fresh Christmas Cookie Flavored Coffee

    Christmas Cookie Coffee, 1.5 lb Bag, Whole Bean


  • Crazy Fresh Coffee Desert Island Decaffeinated

    Desert Island Decaffeinated, 1.5 lb Bag, Whole Bean


  • Triple Threat Dark Roast Blend Crazy Fresh

    Triple Threat Dark Roast Blend, 2 lb Bag, Whole Bean


  • Gift Bundle: Commuter French Press Travel Mug & 2lbs. of Honduran Santa Rosa Whole Bean Coffee


  • 2lb. Bag Honduran Santa Rosa SHG, Whole Bean City Roast

    $16.95 ($8.48/pound)

What Are People Saying?

Okay, so I’m a bit of a coffee snob. I love good coffee and I must have freshly ground beans.… I decided to try this coffee as I was intrigued by the simple packaging and the mission type statement on the bag. OH MY-it is the best coffee I’ve had in I don’t know when!! Smooth, non bitter and did I say smooth?! Not too heavy and not too bold. But simply a wonderful cup of coffee. My new go-to!!”  – Marsh

“I love it! Bought one bag then went back for 3 more and now we’re almost out!”  – Julie B.

“Bought a bag at Costco because it is Midwest local….soooo good! The beans smell so sweet and have the best flavor. Great price point for a high quality product.” – Kristen F.

“I am absolutely hooked on this coffee!!…I have a really hard time enjoying my morning cup if it isn’t Crazy Fresh!!” – Andrea B.

“Love the #CrazyFresh brand available at Costco, redonkulously good!…I would go as far to say it is #Killer.” – @TheKillir (Jeff Kilburg, CNBC Contributor)

“Simply the best coffee ever!! Tastes like it smells.” – Karin K.

“This coffee has ruined us for anything else. We gave this at try a few months ago after finding it in a local store. After one pot we had found our new preferred coffee…We bought something from another roaster that looked comparable, similar roast, single origin etc… garbage. Nothing we tried to replace it with came close….”  – J. Mead

“Simply one of the best tasting coffees….”  – Corey

“Best coffee I’ve ever made from my own kitchen!!!”  – Marcia K.


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